Zhengzhou microfinance solution

Zhengzhou microfinance in everyday life, people most frequently in touch with one of the loans, it handled easily, and loans faster, you can claim that the Government is to fund the best little helper.

loans in Zhengzhou Zhengzhou municipal government in order to support the urban registered unemployed persons, University graduates, the disabled, displaced veterans start their own businesses to provide a discount loan support. Small secured loans for self-employment, self-employment or partnership organized and entrepreneurial start-up funds and the flow of money, shall not be appropriated for other purposes. So, Zhengzhou for micro-loans: what are the methods?

loan applicants who met the basic requirements to participate in the relevant government departments to organize training, training of qualified to the Labor Department after applying for the loan, determined by the Government agency loans guaranteed by a guarantee institution procedures, and finally by the Zhengzhou Bank loans, financial Department of the Government during the term of the loan discount.

need to be aware of is that in the loan application process, guarantee agency provided the counter guarantee forms can be adopted civil service or public institution personnel counter guarantee or mortgage a counter-guarantee in two forms. Real estate mortgages if the lender fails, and only a House, the Court cannot implement the housing, because of this guarantee requires loan applicants will need to provide two sets of houses, can handle the mortgage against security procedures, be deemed as not only provides a home loans, not process.


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