Zhengzhou loan mortgage defaults

Mortgage borrowers in default means the termination of loan repayment, and goods has been reached or exceeded the deadline. Financial institutions face because of borrower default risk of mortgage default risk. Amount can usually be borrower defaults as the default reason is divided into two kinds: rational default and forced to default.
    forced to default is due to lack of borrowers ' ability to pay, not duly repaid the mortgage loan monthly payments as a result of the breach. Borrower property were confiscated by financial institutions as collateral and replaced by the value of the mortgage (as proceeds of collateral) the outstanding mortgage loan balance. Forced to default probability is directly dependent on the borrower's relative capacity to pay, mortgage monthly payment is unlikely to be a substantial increase in cases is determined by the borrower's income level. Because when you conclude a mortgage contract, as a financial institution of loans, by borrower occupational and income stability and other factors to measure the ability of the borrower to repay the loan on schedule, in a country's economy growth, macroeconomic development, maintain a good momentum of circumstances. This is simply due to the unexpected financial crisis forced to default of the borrower is unlikely to be widespread, and easier to control. As borrowers forced to default typically consists of unemployment, illness, divorce and other objective reasons and therefore breaches registered by the borrower's credit history, but relative to the consequences of rational default, this total bad credit loans to borrowers to apply again in the future as a result of the difficulty is much smaller. BACK
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