Zhengzhou loan assessment of the value of the mortgaged property

In the United States, the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration has a similar property assessment approaches, they are minimum standards for mortgage only, but no other special requirements, loan prices are not adjusted by the mortgage situation. In the United States mortgage market, a considerable portion of the mortgage is carried out by the two institutions insurance or guarantees, so their standards on the loans became popular in the industry, makes mortgage contracts tend to be standardized, easier transactions in the secondary market. To the Federal Housing Administration, for example, in order to assess a mortgage, first by the Federal Housing Authority-approved lenders (such as banks, savings and loan associations, and many mortgage companies) to assess applications submitted to it. Upon receipt of the application, the Federal Housing Administration will assess the tasks to independent real estate appraisers, done by real estate appraisers House "House book", in order to determine whether the property meets the Federal Housing Administration loans. Veterans Administration real estate assessment process are also similar. Condition reports issued by the real estate appraiser primarily involved the community in the similar situation, description of the House itself and the ultimate valuation results. Similar situation within the community, descriptions of the House itself and the ultimate valuation results. Similar analyses of the housing conditions within the community including:
1 the housing supply and demand in the local market within the community. Community balanced between supply and demand in the housing market is related to the housing correction value needed according to the market situation.
2 similar distribution and housing prices leading prices, lower than the price of similar houses within the community-led housing will have better sales, because it means that buyers can lower the cost of living in the higher levels of the community.
  loan mortgage valuation in Zhengzhou, according to construction costs, market turnover data as well as rent and other information through the replacement cost method, market comparison method and the weighted average method of income capitalization valuation results obtained. In the appraisal of housing, generally in the market valuation results of comparative law as the main reference. BACK
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