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Home buyers to get loans from financial institutions, mortgage contract and the process known as mortgage "created", lending financial institutions known as the creator of the mortgage. Mortgage-mortgage
  was created on the primary market. Following is the United States mortgage process of creating. Buyers in the primary mortgage market to financial institutions to submit a mortgage applications that reflect your personal financial situation, and at the same time
  pay the application fee. Financial institutions, according to the applicant submitting the loan application for credit assessment to decide whether to loan. Once financial institutions agreed to release the money, it will send to the applicant a loan commitment, said
  and single commitments made, and require that the applicant pay a commitment fee. After applicants pay a commitment fee, is equivalent to having an option, he could during the commitment period (usually 30-60)
  seek loans from financial institutions, signed the loan contract, financial institutions will allow the applicant to choose mortgage loans and mortgage rates. Mortgage is the most important step in the creation process in order to select the bad loans, credit risks at the end of the mortgage Biggie
  audit. Mortgage audit includes the value of the mortgaged property assessment and the applicant (borrower) of credit assessment. BACK
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