Course of development of Zhengzhou private lending

China of civil borrowing business of development experience has started, and quickly development and specification development of three a stage, and
1. housing system reform gave birth to has civil borrowing business of started
in the mid 1980 of the 20th century, with China domestic economic of development, and city residential commercialization process speed up, and housing system of change, for adapted residents personal housing consumption needs, China Construction Bank first Yu 1985 in domestic opened has residential savings and residential loan business. To serve, open the business camera commercial banks in the country.
2. domestic demand growth has promoted the rapid development of private loans
20 actual late 90 's, country pulled out of a series of positive fiscal policy and monetary policy to stimulate domestic demand. People's Bank of China has issued a series of policies and measures to pull the consumer credit market. In February 1999, the people's Bank of China promulgated the guidelines on developing personal consumption credit, personal loan market position clear in its policy. Since then, the commercial banks increasing personal loans business development efforts, personal loan business has entered a period of rapid development.
3. commercial banks joint-stock reform promoted personal loan business of specification development
  in recent years, with the commercial banks joint-stock reform, Bank according to established modern financial enterprise system of requirements, perfect company corporate governance structure, sound internal control system, conversion business mechanism, established related detection and assessment test institutions, vigorously promoted has Zhengzhou civil borrowing business of service standard, and varieties structure, and risk control, aspects of specification development.
  in order to improve operational efficiency. Reduce examination and approval links, commercial banks have also set up customer loan service center or the financial supermarket, one-stop service for personal loans business development provides a good internal environment. BACK
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